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Sunday, September 30, 2012


So, as we all know, our eyes can be so expressive and tell your story even before you open your mouth! So its important to keep the eyes, brows and the very delicate skin around the eyes looking good!!!

Starting with the skin around the eye, make sure you are keeping it hydrated and are using a good moisturizer!   There are a lot of good eye creams out on the market now... I like the ones that kinda have a "glow" to them. That will help to brighten under the eyes...

Brows~ a nice clean brow is really going to bring everything together for you. Its best to go to a licensed Aesthetician to have them done, (the girl who does your nails may not have been fully trained on how to give you the proper shape) When going to the spa, ask your Aesthetician to use hard wax. Hard wax only adheres to the hair, not your skin. So its less likely that you will suffer from "lifting" (when the top layer of skin is removed and you are left with bright red raw skin). Yes hard wax does take a bit longer as it has to dry, where as strip wax is put on and the removed right away...  If you have really long and or bushy brows, you may want to have the hairs trimmed. If your brows (or lashes) are light in color, you may want to look into having them tinted. If you want to fill them in powder is a much better choice, its softer and much more natural looking.

Eyes!!!~ There is so much one can do with there eyes!  If you suffer from dark under eye circles or bags, concealer is going to be your best friend! There are many different types and colors that will help you look your best!  Make sure to use a good mascara. if you have shorter lashes, you way want to invest in a good lengthening mascara. If you want fuller thicker lashes, invest in a good volumizing mascara. (right now, my favorite is Falsies by Maybelline) If you dont really want to wear a lot of eye shadow, just remember lighter shades with shimmeer will make your peepers look brighter. Also, lining your lower lash line water line with white eye liner, is going to open your eyes and make the white part really white! Also, putting a light (white is always a good choice, but anything really light will do) right in the inner corner of your eyes and on the brow bone will make your eyes pop! Remember to keep the darker colors to the outer part of your eyes. If you put it to close to the inner corner, your eyes will look more close set... (unless your eyes are wide set). Curling your lashes will help your eyes look more wide awake. As we have talked about many times you dont have to always use black and brown...  Be creative, purples, greens and blues will still define your eyes and add some soft color.

TIP: if you find that you have a lot of fall out from you eye shadows, you can use a nice loose power right under the eye. This will pick up that fall out and when you wipe it away, bam, you just added some high lights to your face! Also, if your like me and your mascara gets all over your lash line, try applying your mascara FIRST, then use a q-tip to clean up the mascara that has gotten on your skin. Then go about putting on the rest of your eye make up.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Changing Seasions

Now that fall is finally upon us, your skin is going to be changing as well. You may start seeing dry or flaky skin... A good way to help with this is drinking lots of water, exfoliate on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week) use a good moisturizer and use a good hydrating mask 2-3 times a week... And even though it may seem like the sun isnt that bad this time of year, MAKE SURE YOUR STILL USING SPF!!! it doesnt matter if its in your moisturizer or in your foundation, make sure to put it on! any time you are heading out, and remember about your ears, neck and chest as well!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

well... its been a while!!!

Sorry people!!!

I know it has been a good while since my last post!  Ater my last surgery I didnt really want to put make up on my eyes cuz of the scars and such... BUT... I have gotten over that and have been doin some great looks with my favorite eye shadows! Most of my pix are up on facebook, so you can see them there until i get them up loaded on here!

Do any of you have any questions or looks that you would like to try but dont know how to? Are you afraid of any color? Are you tired of the same look day in and day out? Let me know and I will do a post just for you!

Now that summer is over its time to really start caring for  dry winter skin!!! What products are you using?  Let me know if you have any questions! I have lots of answers and ideas!!!

Well take care ladies!!!


Saturday, September 03, 2011

2011 Fall Make Up Trends

  • Falls 12 Top Trends







Thursday, April 14, 2011

Private Make Up Lessons And Makeovers!

Lets your friends know I do private make up lessons!!!! $60-75!!!!
and makeovers $35-55 depending on your wanted look!!!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

How to wash your Make Up brushes

As requested I am going to explain how to wash and care for your make up brushes. 

You should be washing your brushes after every use, but who has the time for that!! Cleaning once a week is a good way to keep them in top shape and working best!  Washing brushes is very simple! 

1) Wet the bristles of your brush (don't get water in the part of the brush that connects the bristle to the brush.  Over time this will end up loosing the glue and your brushes will come apart)

2) Using a mild shampoo, cup your hand with a small amount of shampoo and spin your brush until all the make up is out. It may take a couple of times to get everything out depending on how often you wash and what color you have used. 

3) Using warm water rinse off the brush and reshape the bristles. 

4) Lay your brushes flat. Its best to let your brushes lay over the sink so that the water can drain down. 

5) Once dry, re-fluff and use!

Never store your wet brushes with the handle down!!!  


There are many ways to store your brushes. The most common is a make up bag or a brush case. Both are perfectly fine.  If you are worried about your bristles getting out of shape, than a brush case is best due to the individual slots. A creative way to carry your brushes and keep them for getting messed up, is use an eye glass carrying case!! Another way to keep them at home, use a cute glass container with glass pebbles and stick in your brushes (handles down :)) 

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Super Soft Hands

As you all may know, washing your hands drys your skin out! A easy way to help that is to make sure you moisturize every time you wash your hands, after doing dishes and what not! A good over night remedy for dry hands (and feet for that matter) is to put on your favorite hand cream (creams are heavier and thicker than lotions and will do better to  moisturize your skin) and put on your favorite cotton gloves (or socks!). When you wake up, your skin will be super soft!!!

A good hand cream is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand Cream.